Chase Moxley, Oklahoma City


About Me

I started casually birding in the fall of 2017. I got more serious after a trip to Big Bend National Park in April 2018, during which I got to experience numerous different species of birds. Since that trip, I have increased my life list from approximately 35 to 174. I have slowly been ticking off hot spots around Oklahoma and chasing those eBird Rare Bird Alerts for my area. This website is to share my bird photographs and some of my opinions on birding-related topics. I recently purchased audio recording equipment and will soon be blogging about my attempts at recording bird sounds.

Photography Gear: Nikon D500 with Nikkor 200-500mm 5.6f

Recording Gear: Zoom H4n with Sennheiser ME67/K6

Chase Moxley 1-7-19